True White Sand Scale Teen Tail

$99.00 $110.00

Brand: The2Tails

Product Description

Our Tails are made from the best 4-way nylon/spandex stretch mix with the original unbreakable monofin already inside and ready to go!  

The Tails are original, individual and spectacular - like you ❤️️

Our Tails are made so that one size fits most. Our
UNBREAKABLE MONOFIN has a lifetime guarantee !!! You can choose your size option below.

Teen Mermaids/Teen Mer-Boys Size
Weight: 50lbs - 90lbs
Shoe Size: 4 - 12 (US Women's); 2 - 10 (US Men's)


Happy Hats are recommended to protect the corner tips of your Mermaid Tail


*Remember our tails do not include GILLS. Do not try to swim in your mermaid tail if you are not a skilled swimmer. And never use your tail without adult supervision!