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The2Tails monofin takes its inspiration from the natural movement of marine animals. Designed with the help of some Cirque de Soloeil graduates, these monofins have a secure strap that holds the ball of the foot to the blade giving a powerful kick both pushing and pulling. Our monofin was specifically designed for mermaiding, they have a low profile but give plenty of surface area to help you glide through the water. No more bulky fins! 

Now you can create your own mermaid tail... start with the powerful 2tails monofin and add a skin or buy them separately for your underwater adventures.


The2Tails MONOFIN:

- Is "neutrally" buoyant: making it essentially weightless for the swimmer

- Fin + skin have a combined weight of only 1 lb, so you won’t feel weighed down in the tail


Did we mention our monofin is the only REAL ECO-FRIENDLY fin on the market?! Made of reprocessed plastic, we are the only company that is taking plastic out of the oceans! 

Oh, and it has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If it breaks...we replace it...FOREVER.


Child Monofin
Shoe Size: 1 - 4 (US Youth)

Teen Monofin (has cuffs)
Shoe Size: 4-12 (US Women's); 2 - 10 (US Men's)

Adult Monofin (no cuffs)
Shoe Size: 7-12 (US Women's); 2 - 10 (US Men's) 


*Monofin is not a swim aid and should always be used under adult supervision. 



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