Tails in Action

Here at The2tails, we’ve designed the most beautiful, realistic swimmable mermaid tails you can get for the money. With the low profile, neutrally buoyant monofin we’ve created and the extra tough 340 gram, 4-way nylon/spandex fabrics we use, there just isn’t a better product out there. Where other companies may use lightweight fabrics (190 gram) and open-ended tails that show the monofin and ruin the magic, our tails are made with you (the mermaid after all!!!) in mind. For our Exclusive Tails, we create the fabric- from original paintings to pattern. They are graceful, they are tough, and maybe it’s because we’ve been mermaids for so long our goal is simply to make the best☺

Available in a rainbow of colors, the perfect mermaid tail is waiting for you. Sparkle tails include- Miami Teal, Sparkle Pink, Sparkle Purple, Sparkle white, Fire Coral Red and Sparkle Black. Love scales? How about True Sea Green Scale, True Black Scale, True Sea Blue Scale or True Sand Scale? Our Exclusive Tails are only available here at The2tails and include - Catalina Aqua Sparkle, Catalina Sea Blue, Catalina Sea Green and our stunning Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale. And We LOVE our Liquid Moon and Liquid Sun and bestseller Blue Spirit Scale. If you can’t decide on just one color, DON”T! You can always order an extra Tail Skin and enjoy multiple shades. Shop today and become a part of our world.

Love, The2tails