Jojo Siwa - 4.18.17

This is just great guys! Thanks so much I love the green one.

Sania Hicks - 3.14.17

I love the tail it is all was in good condition never any rips . grate price for $100 you can get a grate mermaid tail.

Tre'von Ray Mason Bishop - 03.08.17

I recently received my tails, and both my cousin's love them. the tails are so beautiful & detailed very uniquely. The2Tails are awesome and they rock. THANK YOU.

Armani Taria - 02.23.17

i like meet Natasha Marlena and Sofia

Bob Barford - 02.06.17

The tails were a hit with many of the people that I traveled with recently, many asking to try it on!

Tasha Johnson - 12.08.16


Shirley - 12.01.16

I just wanted to tell you guys... this is the best product, everything down to the packaging is so magical. I want to congratulate you on a wonderful product. I am just tickled!

Cookie Chopper - 12.01.16

I love your tails I feel like I'm part of the ocean when I watch people swim in them

Carys - 11.24.16

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I love every thing about these tails! The mono-fin is VERY durable! My mother bought me one of these for Christmas last year, I was so exited about using it i went for a swim in my grandmothers pool. what felt like 30 minutes ended up being 4 hours. I recently just purchased the rainbow sea water tail and the colors are outstanding! I recomend buying these tails if you want a mermaid tail! the packaging is royal blue with bubbles all around it and is shaped like the mono-fin. This is the best tail site to buy from to keep kids occupied for hours of fun!

Rory - 11.15.16

Thank you so much for a great product. We have purchased two tails, plus an additional skin over the past several years, and not only is your product exceptional, your customer service is fabulous. Shortly after getting our first tail, my daughter was swimming in a pool at a resort near Disney World. A young boy walked by and exclaimed "Mommy, that is a REAL mermaid, there really is magic here!" That is what you do. Create Magic. Thank you.

Paul Sutherland - 10.31.16

awesome products, but please be more private with packaging, I don't want the whole world knowing I got a mer-tail. they can always ask me "where did yo get that awesome tail from?" and I can always say from here. thanks.

Happy Customer - 10.19.16

Their are not words to describe how much my daughter loves this tail. It very durable and fits her well she is a small 6 year old and I did get the small one and its high on her but that just means she has room to grow and can wear it for along time. This tail is way worth the money. Just seeing her eyes lights up and making her dream come true is enough for me. I will be buying my one from their website for a curvy girl because she wants me to be a mermaid with her. If you are on the fence and wanting to buy a mermaid tail this is the one the cheaper ones have no comparison to this one it is worth spending the extra money to get it. Love Love Love!!!!

Laurel - 10.19.16

Absolutely amazing!! So realistic! The perfect gift for our 6 year old grandaughter's mermaid theme birthday pool party. So well designed!

Cindy Gomez - 10.10.16

The three or two mermaids are so fantastic movie everyone to see this this movie is amazing.

Gina Teegarden - 07.12.16

My nieces love the tail. They are ages 8, 13 and 15 and can all where the tail. They have no problem swimming in the tail and are having a great time!

Mermaid Brenna - 07.09.16

I just love my tail! I got the Catalina Sea Green Adult Tail as a gift from my boyfriend, because its only fitting that a person who is obsessed with mermaids should have a tail!! He chose this tail because I have rather bony knees and he was hoping that the fabric would be thicker than some other kinds that are out there, and hopefully hide my knees more. It does exactly that!! My knees hardly show in my tail. I wear my tail with the waist band rolled down to show the lighter green underneath, because it reminds me of Ariel! I have been to the beach and surprised loads of little kids who believed they were seeing a real live mermaid! It has made my dreams come true, and I couldn't be happier!!

Dexter A Collard - 07.08.16

Excellent fit our 11 year old daughter with plenty of room to grow without being ill fit. She is aprox 5ft tall and 100lbs. We paired it with a black one piece suite and it truly looks great. Took her less than 30 min to master swimming in the tail she is an average swimmer.

Christy Melgoza - 07.08.16

The size was great for my thin 12 year old. She is almost a size 4 shoe and the fin worked. Her older friends 13 and 15 used it in the pool to. So far, we're happy.

Christina Dickson-McCanlies - 07.08.16

Great quality, beautiful tail. The carrying bag is handy too. Thanks!

Ericka Valencia - 07.08.16

Came earlier than expected. The tail is well made and came with its own backpack. My little girl is in love with her tail, that's what matters, her happiness. Thank you for making her birthday a great one.

Susan M. Slaughter - 07.08.16

My daughter loved it. It came in a cool package and she tried it on immediately. The fit was perfect. My daughter now feels like a little mermaid. The quality is good and the monofin does what it was designed to do. It also comes with a neat backpack to carry your mermaid tail in.. Perfect for the pool.

Gabby - 07.02.16

hi guys my name is gabby i love mermaids and acting and filming as well maybe could you tell how to make a cool as movie like yours hope you reply bib bye

Elvira G. Salas - 07.01.16

Thank you so much for creating such beautifully made high quality products. My daughter has had loads of fun enjoying and sharing her tail. Stopping by your store feels so magical! I wish I would receive the kind of customer service I receive there, everywhere else I shop.

Linda Rose - 06.22.16

My girls love their tails! These tails are a great quality and should hold up very well! Also they shipped very fast! (Which the girls loved) We love the2tails!

Sally - 06.21.16

My girls love your mermaid tails! They are so beautiful! Thank you for providing a quality product and great customer service!

Julie - 06.21.16

hello! i finally was able to swing financing the tail - just put in the order tonight! fingers crossed it arrives in time for our trip. i am cutting it a bit close I know. thanks for having such great products Hannah & Ely & Vanessa!!!!!

Bethany Alexander - 06.09.16

I absolutely love The3Tails and these tails are gorgeous.

The 3 Tails Lovers - 06.03.16

I love you guys natasha is my favorite mermaid and my moms name is natasha

Johan Kokkedee - 06.01.16

julie hebben een mooie mermaid tails


Andrea - 05.18.16

I absolutely love my tail. I got it for my birthday and it's comfortable and adorable. I have the pink sparkle tail and I love it. I recommend the sparkle tail the best it shines in the water and looks beautiful!

Mermaid Marilyn - 05.17.16

I love my 2tails mermaid tail!!!