Mermaid Swimming Tips

** FOR SKILLED SWIMMERS ONLY. 50+ Lbs (23kg) **

The2Tails Family is committed to making the best swimmable mermaid tails! We want every mermaid out there to be happy and safe as they begin their mermaid adventures.

Adult Fin

Make sure your little mermaids know how to quickly get out of their mermaid tails:

First pull your skin down to your ankles Then slip your feet out of the monofin

Child Fin

The monofin + skin have a combined weight of only 1 lb, so you won’t feel weighed down in your tail!

The monofin is "positive" buoyant: making it essentially weightless for the swimmer!!!

Remember: our tails do not include GILLS. Do not try to swim in your mermaid tail if you are not a skilled swimmer. And never use your tail without adult supervision!

*Remember our monofins are not a swim aid and should always be used under adult supervision.


The2Tails recommends taking The Mermaid Swim Test before using your mermaid tail:

∇ Float on your back for 25 seconds – this is a good way for mermaids to rest if they get tired while swimming! 

∇ Swim the entire length of the pool without help (25 meters). 

∇ Tread water for 2 minutes without using your legs (arms only). 

∇ Practice your dolphin kick in the pool before putting on your tail – once you’ve mastered the dolphin kick, you are safe to swim in your tail! 

∇ Remember never swim in your tail without an adult present. 

We love Mermaids here at The2Tails and want to make sure that you stay safe while using our tails.

The2Tails knows how much little mermaids love to swim for an audience, so always keep an adult around when splashing around in your tail.

For Parents of Mermaids:
Never leave children unattended while they’re using a mermaid tail.


As an adult or guardian, you are responsible for the safety of your mermaid, your child and yourself. This Mermaid Tail is a costume, not a swim aid. Enjoy!

The2Tails family welcomes you into our mermaid community and is honored to make your mermaid dreams come true!