About Us

Our mermaid voyage began about ten years ago when we were seven! We were sitting around the house dreaming of swimming in the oceans like the H20 Mermaids so we decided to take our mom's sweatpants and put both our legs in one side. It kinda looked like a mermaid tail!! So then we began messing around with her yoga mat, cut it into a fluke, glued and sewed until it looked even more like a real  mermaid tail. It was so much fun!

We would always wear our tails whenever we got into a pool, and everyone we met asked us where they could buy one. So - with much love and encouragement from our friends and family -  So with our mom we decided to start making really beautiful yet still affordable mermaid tails that everyone could enjoy. When we started the2tails we actually took a sewing class and started by sewing skins that would fit the  a mono fin that was already on the market. Back then we could only sew one tail a day!!!.... so now we've grown (a lot :) and have a our sewers right here in Los Angeles making the best quality tails anywhere ... we also realized that we could design a better mono fin especially made for mermaiding. After 3 years of designing, testing and perfecting mermaid monofins The2Tails created the best monofin on the market!!! Back then we could only sew one tail a day!!!.... so now we've grown a lot and have a our sewers right here in Los Angeles...They are much better at it than we were!!

So here we are today, committed to keeping our oceans clean; excited to share our tails and tales with you!...

Check out our Youtube show the3tails! ... to watch ten years of us mermaiding!


**Fun Fact... When The2Tails opened (sooooooooo many years ago) search engines would not allow spaces between words. So we decided that the company would be called The2Tails... no spaces! The name stuck and we still write it without spaces today!


Mermaid Catalina is the fantastic designer behind our original and exclusive mermaid tails. She is the brilliant older sister of Sofia and Natasha. Each new design starts of as a painting and through a lot of - well - magic, we turn it into fabric. It takes about 6 months to develop every design and you won't find it any where else.

They are our own exclusive product. We hope you love them as much as we do!Thank you, Mermaid Catalina!!


This is an interactive site so we hope you'll be submitting lots of comments, pics, and videos.

We love to see what YOU'RE up to and love to hear from you.



Check out their latest episodes here and follow their youtube channel. Sofia and Natasha, who play "Emily" and "Jackie" on the show actually started this site along with their mom Ely.

We're having so much fun sending our beautiful mermaid tails all over the world!

Watch our videos on YouTube!