Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale Adult Tail
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Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale mermaid tail
pink under water mermaid
Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale backpack
Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale Adult Tail
Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale Adult Tail

Pink Lilac Sea Pearl Scale Adult Tail


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"She had the soul of a mermaid, the fire of a lioness and the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a butterfly"  -Butterflies and Pebbles

Our Tails are made from the best 4-way nylon/spandex stretch mix with the original unbreakable monofin already inside and ready to go! This Mermaid Tail was created because of the beautiful artwork of Catalina Garreton. She painted the beautiful design. We took her painting and transferred the artwork to a fabric. You will not find this mermaid tail anywhere else! The Tails are original, individual and spectacular — like you ❤️️

Tails are made so that one size fits most and come with our Lifetime Guaranteed

Adult Mermaid
Weight: 90lbs - 150lbs
Shoe Size: 4 - 12 (US Women's); 2 - 10 (US Men's)


Mermaid Top's start at $10: click to complete your look!

Happy Hats are recommended to protect the corner tips of your Mermaid Tail.


Have a question? Call 323-848-2457 or email us at - we will get back to you ASAP! :) 

 *Remember our tails do not include GILLS. Do not try to swim in your mermaid tail if you are not a skilled swimmer. And never use your tail without adult supervision!